About Us

SRADHA is a not-for-profit Youth Organization. It encourages Youth to promote Diversity Pluralism and Peace. It empowers youth to build peace through dialogue, community engagement and creative pursuits SRADHA empowers youth by developing essential life skills such as effective communication, intercultural understanding, critical thinking, confidence, and non-violent conflict resolution. Our goal is to create mindful leaders for tomorrow through the development of person to person connections across borders and over time. Through these connections can come an understanding of our common humanity, and the recognition of our similarities, creating a feeling of kinship and the resulting desire to help each other. The work of SRADHA is to provide an antidote to the inevitable conflict which arises when people are disconnected and see themselves as different from each other.

We believe that sustainable peace is only possible in a world where the mind is without fear, where knowledge is free and where the head is held high and find joy in connecting with each other.

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