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Welcome to SRADHA

SRADHA is a not-for-profit Youth Organization. It encourages Youth to promote Diversity Pluralism and Peace. It empowers youth to build peace through dialogue, community engagement and creative pursuits SRADHA empowers youth by developing essential life skills such as effective communication, intercultural understanding, critical thinking, confidence, and non-violent conflict resolution. Our goal is to create mindful leaders for tomorrow through the development of person to person connections across borders and over time..
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Our Vision & Mission A world where youths take action in equitable partnerships to create systemic change by inclusive community engagement, networking with like minded agencies and youth associations.
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Our ObjectiveTo improve the status of youth (young women and men), excluded and marginalized groups by enabling them to equally and actively participate in planning, management, policy-making..
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Our Activities
  • Mitigation of Violence
  • Conflict Management
  • Structural Change through Youth-led Initiatives
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